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2013 Syrah Reviewed

The most recent publishing of Wine Review Online included our 2013 Syrah. Our thanks to Rich Cook for taking the time to share his thoughts on this bottle; it is always exciting to learn how our wines are being received. For those of you who recently received this wine through the Lotierzo Family Vineyards Wine Club, let us know if you agree! For those who haven't yet tried the Syrah, head over to our online store to get a bottle. Or 2, but with shipping costs these days, 3 or 4 might be most efficient.

Lotierzo Family Vineyards, Paso Robles (California) Syrah 2013($30):

This Syrah straddles the line between fleshy fat Paso Robles ripeness and a more peppery bright lighter style. It seems that this is accomplished by a fair amount of new American oak, which in this case doesn't overwhelm the fruit with too much dill character. It tames the ripeness and lets the pepper character speak and brings fall spice notes forward in the finish to offset the black and blue fruit. Nice tannin structure, and a long finish. Nice work!

91 Rich Cook Dec 15, 2015

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